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Blogger and reader – friends?


“I got to test this product line through a blog partnership – and I must say that it's just wonderful!”

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Owner gives up fight – Finnish Isis changes its name


Bank refused to forward payments, PayPal froze funds.

Helsinki-based translation agency Isis Translations has quit the battle over its name. The company is changing its name to registered trademark Pauhu Ltd.

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A city without moving ads


Cityscapes embrace a certain sort of dazzle, including taped-up trams and multicolured illuminated advertisements. The quantity of adverts illustrates the total number of services and the city’s scale of activity. They’re also part of the everyday aesthetics representing a fundamental part of all cityscapes – but everything can nevertheless be done well or poorly, elegantly or without any sense of style.

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Document your content marketing!


Today, many are considering how to reap the best harvest from their marketing. The 2015 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends - North America report by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs conveys an important piece of advice: a documented content marketing strategy has been proven to boost marketing. In other words, sales suffer if the strategy remains empty words instead of being written down.

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Sponsored disappointment


Media publishers who put their trust in native advertising and sponsored content apparently have a big problem on their hands. According to the Reuters Digital News Report 2015, published this summer, 33 per cent of British and 43 per cent of American respondents had been disappointed after reading an article that they only later realised were sponsored content.

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